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Hey there, happy End-of-June (Pride month)!  I've been quiet of late, which is mostly due to working harder as a cartoonist. As I focus more intently on my comics I tend to withdraw from the social scene (more than usual!). Drawing comics generally gets even more challenging in many ways as the years go by and I'm trying to keep distractions at a minimum. I need to concentrate!

If you've been wanting to read more of Marry Me a Little than what is currently up on this site, Illustrated PEN has just published the first nine pages of chapter one, so go take a look. Many thanks to my PEN co-editor, Meg Lemke, for choosing to feature Marry Me.  Otherwise, that's about all from me. For now. I told you I'm withdrawing!

But it's all okay. Until next time, here's a random panel from page 13: 

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John Capecci