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Signing back on

Hi all. Well, I haven’t blogged since November, and it’s not because I haven’t wanted to. My old site was completely outdated–so outdated that I actually couldn’t create any new content at all. But now that has changed. So um…..Behold! Here’s my new site! Ain’t it purty? (I think so.) Sorry it took so long: between several trips and work and drawing and writing and general life stuff, it took forever for this to happen. Many many many thanks to John Capecci for all of his help in getting things up again.

FYI, please know that the site isn’t done yet: there’s still all kinds of links to add in, kinks to work out, more comics to add and fix (for one thing, the rez on the pages from "THEM" aren't of very good quality), and I have to get my store back up and running. It’s all going to happen in due time, bit by bit. In the meantime, please note on the About page I’ve added a few links to recent podcasts I’ve done, and on the Writing page I’ll have some new updates up shortly. And the Marry Me a Little page will get (fairly) regular updates as well as I slooowly make progress on it - I have more done than what's up now but thought I would tease it out a little, maybe add a new page per month or something. 

In short: I hope you please bear with me and stick around. Happy Spring!


Rob K

John Capecci