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The Time of the Virgo

I told you I wasn’t messing around anymore, I’m still working diligently on “my story.” For those of you new around here, that story is my graphic memoir about my experience of getting (gay) married in 2013, and all the socio-cultural conflicts my spouse and I had about doing such a thing. I started the project in July of 2017 and then proceeded to work in fits and starts, continually letting myself get sidetracked until nearly two years later when I looked at what little I had to show for myself and sort of panicked, wondering if I really had what it takes to complete a long-form work. But that’s all changed now. I have what it takes and TIME‘S A’ WASTIN’! I’m on track, and intend to stay that way until I finish (I think) late next year. Below is an excerpt from another freshly-finished page (and yes, yet another new page is in progress as I type this).

Hey, a reminder that Rainbow Reflections: Body Image Comics for Queer Men is out this very month! I have a three-page piece within called “My Queer Body (Issues).” You should get it! I received a digital pre-print copy of the book a couple months ago and I’m really happy with how it turned out. The book’s messages are beautifully presented and the variety of creators and stories within are truly impressive. I look forward to getting my contributor’s copy. Spreadin’ the word!

Okay, back to work. I actually have to draw Kim Davis’s stupid face, ugh.

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