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I've drawn 6 more pages since July, so feeling pretty good. Seriously, for me 3 pages a month is a pretty good pace - I'm a workin boy (40 hrs a week, ugh), don't forget. I'm trying to produce a page every other week, which is how I did my "Curbside" strip (a bi-weekly feature, natch) for 17 years. One thing that has always been true for me is that with longer pieces I cannot work with a set, fully-fleshed out script. I have a roadmap pointed towards a destination, with many details on the itinerary, but I have no idea of how I'll ultimately get there. The last 3 pages came out very very differently than how I had originally envisioned them. This is part of the fun, but also the struggle. I'm pretty much done with chapter one now, and I already have a couple of short comics that will work as interstitials for the book, so now I will begin to work on the more straightforward autobio chapter about the wedding itself. At least I think it'll be straightforward. We shall see...

Panel from Chapter One, page 18

Panel from Chapter One, page 18

John Capecci